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Apple’s tablet concept dates back 20 years

Apple’s tablet concept dates back 20 years

The Apple Tablet or iSlate as it is now being called has been all the buzz around Apple for the last year or so. So much speculation has been made surrounding this device and it now seems as though it will be announced this month.

It turns out that Apple first though up the tablet concept in the late 80′s; a device then known as the Knowledge Navigator. This revolutionary device, as shown in this promotional video was nothing short of amazing for the era. Voice recognition, a human-like personal assistant able to search and retrieve data as well as manage scheduals and tasks. It even took video calls and had Maps!

I find it amazing that even in 1987, Apple was already thinking of the fundamental technologies that would later be widely used in the twenty-first century.

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  • VerbalVenom

    Why does the end say 1987 as the copywrite date of the video, but when showing the 'Sahara over the last twenty years' the progression goes up to 2009..?

  • user buser

    It's called “the future”…