15 September 2009 Tips 1 Comment

Daily Tip 5: Flip4Mac WMV Beta Supports QuickTime X

Daily Tip 5: Flip4Mac WMV Beta Supports QuickTime X

A reader has informed me that a beta version of Flip4Mac is available that is compatible with QuickTime X. I realize it’s been out for a while but I think it’s important to mention it, if only to illustrate how lame I am for not having seen it on the Telestream website when I went looking for a Snow Leopard compatible version.

Flip4Mac for Snow Leopard is compatible with QuickTime XWell for those of you who like me didn’t see the big white cat on Telestram’s site, here is where you can get the Flip4Mac WMV Beta.

As in previous versions “Flip4Mac WMV includes an Internet plug-in that plays Windows Media streams within Safari and other web browsers.”

Changes in This Release

  • Added support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Local files now import in the background by default. This can be changed on a per-application basis in Flip4Mac WMV Preferences > Player > Advanced.
  • Audio encoding and decoding is now handled by CoreAudio.
  • Components now support multi-threaded applications.
  • Added 64-bit support to the WebKit plugin and the Flip4Mac WMV Preference Pane.
  • Opening WMV files from the Finder
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