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21 July 2011 Software Tips 0 Comments

How to Produce a Perfect Podcast with Snow Leopard

For both Mac fans and PC users alike, podcasts have become a cultural icon that allows anyone with a computer to easily connect with others through the means of a syndicated audio feed. Of course, some users are content to simple consume this content on their computers and mobile devices, but for others, creating content [...] Read more...

18 July 2011 Software 0 Comments

Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard – How do they Compare?

For most Apple users, the idea of going back to a PC that runs Windows is unfathomable. Appleā€™s beautiful hardware, coupled with its easy to use operating system and interface, has made the decision easy for most tech geeks and home users alike. As Apple grows in market share, however, many first time Mac-users have [...] Read more...

3 November 2009 Software 2 Comments

GlimmerBlocker: a powerful ad blocking proxy for Safari 4

GlimmerBlocker: a powerful ad blocking proxy for Safari 4

There are many solutions for blocking pesky ads from web browsing. GlimmerBlocker is a powerful piece of software that runs as a proxy, works with any browser and supports additional functionality. Read more...