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Two full days of Snow Leoaprd technical conferences at Macworld Expo 2010

Two full days of Snow Leoaprd technical conferences at Macworld Expo 2010

The 2010 Macworld Expo which takes place a between February 9th and 13th 2010 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco will feature two days of Snow Leopard dedicated content.

Snow Leopard Session Highlights Include:

  • Upgrading to Snow Leopard details the installation process itself and how users can prepare to upgrade, avoid installation problems and proactively troubleshoot.
  • Working with Services in Snow Leopard focuses on the services that Snow Leopard makes downright convenient to use, including managing the Services menu, adding and removing services, identifying cool things you can do with services and situations where services don’t work.
  • Text Magic in Snow Leopard highlights all the new text magic tools, including bidirectional language support, a revamped user interface for the Keyboard Viewer and Character Palette, on-the-fly text substitutions, and interesting new capabilities in TextEdit.
  • Finder Power User Techniques (“Don’t Enter Data Twice!”) emphasizes how to speed up workflow in the Finder by customizing windows and using Smart folders and Spotlight to quickly find information, as well as how to use tagging to better organize your data.
  • Working Between Multiple Apps shows users how to better exchange information among the various applications on their Mac, as some of the Apple apps are very well integrated, but the ways in which they can interact is not always obvious to the user.
  • Video with Snow Leopard: Putting QuickTime X to Work demonstrates how to navigate the new user interface; use the features of the new QuickTime to capture audio and video; prepare media for use with your iPhone, iPod or Apple TV; push video to You Tube and Mobile Me; and use H.264, AAC, streaming and performance technologies to improve your media experience.
  • Taking Accessibility to the Next Level in Snow Leopard teaches users with disabilities how to increase and enhance their accessibility with new and innovative technologies designed to get the most out of their Mac.

For more information, visit www.macworldexpo.com.

[Via www.macworldexpo.com]