17 September 2009 News 1 Comment

Snow Leopard sells better than previous versions of Mac OS

Snow Leopard sells better than previous versions of Mac OS

NPD Group, a market research company that tracks retail sales, has put out a press release today stating that Snow Leopard sales far exceed prior launches of Apple operating systems. “Snow Leopard sales were more than two times higher than Leopard’s initial release sales and almost four times higher than Tiger.” The company claims that although the latest version of Apple’s operating system was considered by some to be less “feature-focused” than Leopard and Tiger, it’s low $29 price tag and ease of upgrade made it a no-brainer for Apple users.

This is interesting news since it seemed to be perhaps the most criticized release of Mac OS precisely because of early claims that it contained little or no new features. However, Apple played it’s marketing very well and made it incredibly easy for users to upgrade. That was the tipping point. At the same time, Apple users expected a simple upgrade procedure chiefly because of the service-pack perception surrounding this new version of Mac OS.

There is little doubt that Snow Leopard sales will continue to increase as the fall selling season is just a pounce away. New Macs, rumoured to be arriving soon, would also send OS X sales numbers soaring. On the other side of the fence, Windows 7 will be released in October. Can this potentially have an impact on new Mac users who were already planing on switching to Mac this Christmas? Please, share your thoughts.

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