23 September 2011 News Software Updates 0 Comments

Exploring the New Features in Lion Release

When Apple’s official announcement of a new operating system became public at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Mac users went into a frenzy of excitement. The new operating system incorporates more than 250 new features. Apple has heralded the release as one of the greatest improvements of Mac OS in recent years, and is expecting users to migrate to the new operating system en masse once it becomes available.

One of the biggest features Lion introduces is the addition of several multi-touch gestures that will allow Mac users to control their applications and software in a more intuitive way. For individuals who already use Apple iOS devices, such as the iPad and the iPhone, many of the new gestures will likely seem like second nature. Just like the mobile devices, Lion will allow computer users to pinch to zoom and swipe to navigate through pages. Additional gestures include tap to zoom, a feature that quickly zooms in on whatever you are viewing with the simple tap of your fingers.

Another exciting innovation Lion will be incorporating is full-screen applications. This allows users to easily use every single pixel on their screens, without wasting a single centimeter of screen space on cumbersome menus or icons. Multi-touch gestures will allow you to easily switch from full-screen mode to standard mode, making it simple to change applications.

Mission Control is perhaps one of the most exciting features of the new operating system. By swiping three fingers down on your keypad, you will be given a bird’s eye view of your entire system. All of your open windows and applications will be visible in this space, and specially designed spaces at the top of the control center allow you to place shortcuts to frequently used programs and applications. Accessing any part of your system requires nothing more than a click of your keypad.

Beyond Mission Control, Apple is also introducing a new feature known as Launchpad. This screen will display all of your computer’s applications, all of which can be arranged as you see fit. Furthermore, new applications will automatically appear in this area of your computer, making it easy to keep track of everything on your system.

Resume is another incredible feature Lion is bringing to the Mac. This great option allows you to easily jump back into your work after restarting your computer. Furthermore, applications open to whatever you were working on previously. Auto Save and Versions further solidify the new concept of continuing wherever you last left off without an user input required.

In addition to all of the great features available in the latest release of the Mac OS, Apple has changed the delivery method for users who choose to upgrade to Lion. Instead of the traditional CDs that contain the necessary data for your computer, Lion can be downloaded through the Mac App Store. As soon as it becomes available, existing Mac users can download Lion immediately and begin experiencing all of these great features for themselves.