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Apple approves Spotify iPhone App

Apple approves Spotify iPhone App

This is by no means Snow Leopard news but deserves an honorable mention.

Apple has given the go-ahead on an iPhone App for Spotify, a free music streaming service currently in invitation beta and available in a select few European countries. This news is a great shock as the service directly competes with the functionality and business model of iTunes.

Spotify’s business model is ad based but they also offer a premium version for 10 Euros per month (about $13 US) with no ads and exclusive content.

In recent months, many have been calling for iTunes to adapt a similar subscription model. Can we expect Apple to buy Spotify in the coming months?

Spotify has made huge strides in Europe since it was launched in October 2007 and has over 2 million users in the UK alone. They hope to have their service available in the US by the end of 2009.

Perhaps the greatest feature about this app (as demonstrated in the video) is that it will allow users to store playlists for offline listening, a feature previously not available on the desktop version. Look out for Spotify in the App Store soon.

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