31 August 2009 Improvements 1 Comment

Unresponsive apps are more responsive in Snow Leopard

Unresponsive apps are more responsive in Snow Leopard

I appears as though even non-responding applications where not overlooked in Mac OS 10.6. In previous OS X versions, when an application stopped responding, you had to right-click the dock icon and sometimes wait several seconds for the contextual menu to appear allowing you to force quit. That action now seems to be a lot snappier, the menu popping up almost instantly when a broken app’s dock icon is clicked.

The same seems to be true for apps in the launching phase. How many times have I pressed ⌘+option+O instead of ⌘+option+0 in Photoshop, launching Adobe Bridge (urrrhhh). I used to have to click and wait for several seconds to close it. Now I don’t even think about it. I just right-click, force quit and I’m back to work.

This is one of the many improvements Apple has put into their new OS that will probably never be talked about but nevertheless is greatly appreciated. Thanks Apple!

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