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Address Book and iCal synchronization are a welcome addition

Address Book and iCal synchronization are a welcome addition

Snow Leopard introduces a net set of features in iCal and Address book. Apart from now having full Microsoft Exchange support, you may also synchronize your contacts and calendars with Yahoo and Google.

This new feature makes synchronizing a snap compared to with older versions of Mac OS where third-party software like Spanning Sync or Busy Sync were needed to get the job done.

Synchronizing your Address Book contacts

From the Address Book Preferences window (⌘+,), go to the Accounts tab. Here you will see options to sync with your Yahoo Mail or Gmail contacts. Simply check the type of account you wish to synchronize, enter your login information and the new GoogleContactSyncService takes care of the rest.

Sync Gmail and Yahoo Mail contacts

Synchronizing iCal events

If you’re a free lancer or a web professional, chances are you use Google Calendar to share planning information with your clients. Synchronizing GCal with iCal puts all your events in one place so you can better organize your time.

From the iCal Preferences window (⌘+,), go to the Accounts tab and click the plus (+) sign. Select the account type and enter your credentials. You may also configure the rate at which your calendar refreshes.

Add a new calendar service account

Your online calendars will appear just below the ones on your Mac.

Calendars appear in the sidebar

You even have the ability to add new calendars by selecting New Calendar from the File menu and by choosing the account.

Create a new calendar in iCal

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  • Theuntje

    How long does it takes before my contacts will be loaded in the address book?

  • kotis

    I use an iMac for work and use a Blackberry and want to sync my calendars and contacts. I've trying to use Google to be the intermediary but can seem to get it to work properly.

    on contacts I get a message that Sync wants to modify every one of my contacts, but there should be no changes required.

    on calendar, if I add an event on my iMac it adds it to the “Home” (particularly a iCal event a colleague sends via email) and the event does not show up on the Blackberry

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  • Mistercinema

    “How long does it takes before my contacts will be loaded in the address book?”

    Same question here…..
    A second Problem is, after every close from the adressbook the hook in my google Mail Field is away. So the Programm dosn´t sync automaticly :(

    regards from Germany

  • http://www.rexxfield.com Michael Roberts

    Is it possible to sync multiple Google accounts (contacts). Using above I seem to have only one shot at it.