23 September 2011 News Software Updates 0 Comments

Exploring the New Features in Lion Release

When Apple’s official announcement of a new operating system became public at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Mac users went into a frenzy of excitement. The new operating system incorporates more than 250 new features. Apple has heralded the release as one of the greatest improvements of Mac OS in recent [...] Read more...

Microsoft’s Attempt to Copy Snow Leopard

If you are a fan of Apple’s computing options, you already know that using Snow Leopard provides a certain ease that other operating systems simply can not provide. From easy options for searching your system, to the ever present dashboard found at one side of your screen, Apple has pioneered a more user friendly operating [...] Read more...

21 July 2011 Software Tips 0 Comments

How to Produce a Perfect Podcast with Snow Leopard

For both Mac fans and PC users alike, podcasts have become a cultural icon that allows anyone with a computer to easily connect with others through the means of a syndicated audio feed. Of course, some users are content to simple consume this content on their computers and mobile devices, but for others, creating content [...] Read more...

18 July 2011 Software 0 Comments

Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard – How do they Compare?

For most Apple users, the idea of going back to a PC that runs Windows is unfathomable. Apple’s beautiful hardware, coupled with its easy to use operating system and interface, has made the decision easy for most tech geeks and home users alike. As Apple grows in market share, however, many first time Mac-users have [...] Read more...

2 March 2010 Tips Tutorials 7 Comments

How to display the date on the menu bar

it can be a big pain when all you need is a quick way to find the current date. Before Snow Leopard you would have to install a new application to get the job done. Now with a simple change in the system preferences you can display the current date on the menu bar. Just go to [...] Read more...

6 January 2010 Tips 6 Comments

Tips for Tweeking your Dock

Tips for Tweeking your Dock

Tweeking your Dock is fun and simple. Using Mac has just published a fantastic article on tweeking the Mac OS Dock Read more...

6 January 2010 Videos 5 Comments

Apple’s tablet concept dates back 20 years

Apple’s tablet concept dates back 20 years

The Apple Tablet or iSlate as it is now being called has been all the buzz around Apple for the last year or so. It turns out the concept is not new and has been in Apple's pipes for more than 20 years. Read more...

4 December 2009 Tutorials 26 Comments

Spoofing your MAC address in Snow Leopard

Spoofing your MAC address in Snow Leopard

A MAC address, sometimes also refereed to as "physical address" is a unique identifier assigned to every network device. In this short tutorial, learn how to easily change your computer's MAC address. Read more...

17 November 2009 Software Updates 2 Comments

Cyberduck 3.3 adds Snow Leopard support

Cyberduck 3.3 adds Snow Leopard support

David Kocher has released an update to his popular open-source FTP client for the Mac, Cyberduck 3.3. This latest version adds much anticipated Snow Leopard support in 64-bits. Various bug fixes have also been issued. Read more...

17 November 2009 Tips 4 Comments

9 steps to take when your Mac stops responding

9 steps to take when your Mac stops responding

I know us Mac users like to think we're all high and mighty but let's not kid ourselves, Mac's are far from perfect. Here is the process you should follow when your Mac gets sick. Read more...